10 visionary fashion women

AT GLMRM list this week we highlight the talent and originality of ten fashionable women who shine and conquer the national market. With creative and innovative ideas, these entrepreneurs leave their mark, redefine concepts and inspire trends.

Discover the names, faces and work of these visionaries who are pushing the fashion industry to new heights:

1. Andrea Bogosian

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Of Armenian-Brazilian origin, stylist Andrea Bogosian stands out in the fashion market as a digital entrepreneur. With her eponymous brand, she opened her first store in São Paulo in 2008 and expanded to a flagship store in 2016. In 2020, she transformed her personal website into an international e-commerce, gaining recognition as the one of the leading digital entrepreneurs. segment. Her brand is known for its authentically styled exclusive pieces and its collections include pieces sold to support social projects.

2. Catharina Tamborindeguy

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Catharina Tamborindeguy’s trajectory reflects her passion for fashion, her social awareness and her desire to connect different cultures and trends. Her presence and involvement in the fashion industry make her an inspiring and influential figure, both in Brazil and internationally. A citizen of the world, she has lived in London for 6 years, where she graduated in international relations and co-founded Éditeur, an online clothing cataloging platform. She is also committed to social causes, has participated in social inclusion programs in Uganda, Africa and has traveled across five continents seeking to explore new peoples and trends. Currently, he lives in São Paulo and is the head of Pinga, a multi-brand company passionate about discovering and promoting emerging brands and creators.

3. Cris Barros

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São Paulo-born designer Cris Barros has built a successful career in fashion. She graduated in fashion design and specialized in Milan. His eponymous brand, founded in 2002 after working at Zoomp, is recognized for its contemporary designs, quality of detail and differentiated storytelling, creating a unique image. In addition to her success in the fashion industry, Cris Barros also has a strong commitment to social and sustainable engagement. For more than six years, the brand has supported the NGO Casa do Rio, which aims to promote traditional Amazonian craftsmanship, bringing income and quality of life to the families of the artisans involved.

4. Erika dos Mars Guia


Erika dos Mares Guia is a Brazilian businesswoman known for being the founder of CJMares, one of Brazil’s most prestigious luxury and imported multi-brands. Born in Belo Horizonte, Erika founded Mares in the 1990s and currently runs a store of over 800 square meters at Shopping Cidade Jardim, São Paulo. She is a visionary businesswoman who has built a prestigious brand, combining careful curation, personalized service and a unique approach to the Brazilian retail market.

5. Gloria Coelho


Born in Pedra Azul, Minas Gerais, Gloria Coelho studied visual communication at the Colegial Técnico “IADE” and at Studio Berçot, in São Paulo, with the famous Marie Rucki. In 1974, he founded his brand G, later renamed Gloria Coelho. Her international career includes shows at Madrid Fashion Week, in Isschot, Belgium, and at Lisbon Fashion Week, where her collections were exhibited at the Lisbon Museum. In Brazil, she was part of the São Paulo Fashion Week lineup, authored two books and had a very successful exhibition at the Museu da Casa Brasileira. During its 48 years of history, it has received several awards, including the Phytoervas Fashion Awards, the Prêmio Moda Brasil and the Prêmio Shell de Teatro, among others.

6. Issa Isaac Silva


Isa Isaac Silva is a designer from Bahia based in São Paulo, recognized for her brand that reflects the essence of Brazilian culture. Inspired by the Afro and indigenous vision and experience, Isa imprints her Bahian references in her namesake brand. With the motto “Believe in your focus”, she is establishing herself as one of the most sought-after professionals among influencers, fashionistas and artists. His brand, Isaac Silva, is known for inclusive fashion and genderless clothing that suits all body types. His talent was cited by the portal WGSN and its emblematic parades convey brazilism and stories that were previously forgotten or unknown.

7. Leia Sgro

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Léia Sgro’s creations reflect her interest in sustainability and natural inspirations. She uses repurposed materials such as wood and natural leaves skeletonized with metal, as well as stones and Brazilian seeds to personalize and make her pieces unique and timeless. A graduate in Jewelry Design from the Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry in Tokyo, Japan, Léia masters all stages of the creative process, from design to sculpture and metal casting. With residencies in multiple cities around the world, he incorporates his distinct cultural experiences into his artwork, valuing craftsmanship and jewelry with his own unique personality.

8. Lenny Niemeyer

Photo: Paulo Freitas

Lenny Niemeyer began his career in 1979 producing bikinis for renowned brands. In 1991, he founded his own brand and opened his first store in Ipanema, Rio. Her pieces, which include bikinis, swimsuits, bags and shoes, are known around the world for reflecting the Rio lifestyle. Throughout her career, she has represented Brazilian beachwear at events such as Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week and São Paulo Fashion Week. Its fashion shows feature appearances by famous international models such as Gisele Bündchen and Naomi Campbell.

Lenny is also the author of books on reception and lifestyle. She has been recognized and rewarded, being elected as one of the best dressed Brazilians.

9. Nathalie Klein


Natalie Klein is a visionary ahead of her time, whose success is attributed to her quiet, pioneering and determined approach. With intense focus, strong business and fashion acumen, and a relentless pursuit of what’s relevant in the market, he has achieved stability over his more than 25-year career. Innovation is an integral part of its approach, reflected in its collections, its curation and in every step it takes. She recently breathed new life into the Nk Store which, for her, is a historical monument that goes far beyond an architectural project.

10. Paula Raia


The Paula Raia brand, created by the São Paulo designer of the same name, has completed 13 years full of sewing, lacing and iconic modeling. Recognized for its neat collections and its link with energy and the universe, the brand stands out for its approach to materials, textures, style and colors. All the pieces are handcrafted in the workshop, following a long artisanal process. The result is bold garments with unusual silhouettes that convey a sense of peace and lightness. Paula Raia’s fashion is genuine and genuine.

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