August horoscope: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Current



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1st decan – June 21 to June 30

Family time is the order of the day. Emotions are in the air and you will feel a lot of oscillation between states of joy and states of rage, as well as a certain need for space to process all emotions. Thus, an opportunity to be alone will be ideal to balance the whole environment. Take advantage of the good weather to be there nature it will also be a good antidote for all the energy that is generated in family.

In relationships, problems from the past resurface and bring internal tension or frustration. A the will is change but the action for this change does not occur and discomfort is generated. It will take effort to adapt to the circumstances and take a deep breath. The new moon, on the 16th, in the sign of Leo, will bring more motivation and energy into your daily life. Maybe you discover something creative that is stimulating and gives you a renewed sense of purpose.

In the last days of the month, you will have to make an effort to express your needs to the other, because you will tend to want the other to be in tune with you without this communication taking place. During the last full moon of the month, the 31st, in Pisces, an important meeting will transform your path.

2nd decan – July 1 – July 10

These are moments of harmony at the beginning of August. A general feeling of well-being and pleasure of life. Everything is like a calm sea, without waves. You will take pleasure in the small things and even the small organizations in your environment.

It’s time to organize and reflect on the next chapters, to see what inspirations you have for the next season, what you would like to change in your life and what new experiences to have. In many areas of your life, everything is open. There is new ways be covered and must keep a beginner’s mind, try different possibilities and be open to mistakes, because that’s the only way to learn when we are in new territories.

also in to like, the feeling is that of new possibilities even if the relationship is already old. There is a look of change on the mutual future and a feeling that they are about to start a new phase.

3rd decan – July 11 to 22

Emotionally, he is in a good phase, feeling the support of his friends and feeling that he is discovering life’s experiences together.

Professionally, there is still a strong pressure on you, pressure that you learn to manage. I would like to make room to devote myself more to myself, to my desires, to my sense of individual orientation, but it is not easy. At work, you will be given very detailed tasks and important conversations will tend to take place. The last week of the month, the devil is in the details and the mind will be blurryvery attentive.

At the individual level, it will be a month of organization, nourishment and reflection. The stars indicate a desire to change interior design, from deep cleaning to a sense of order inside and out. On your reportsyou train yourself to say what you feel and follow your instincts instead of giving in to the other.


Photograph: bastien

1st decan – October 23 to November 1

O family time it has everything to bring old questions to the surface. Subjects to work on and personal problems to share. This type of sharing will deepen intimacy and foster link building. However, there is a warning, if there is a defensive attitude on your part, some isolation will tend to occur and the traumas will repeat themselves instead of being healed.

cultural experiences and the arts will be on your summer schedule. There is a desire to be where the imagination is. In the reportswant someone who is like-minded and will be impatient with people who are too critical of the slightest thing.

The new moon, on the 16th, in the sign of Leo, has everything to enrich your romantic relationships and beyond. Old ties tend to rekindle and conversations from the past brighten up the end of the day. The last full moon of the month in Pisces, the 31st, will mark the start of something new in your life.

2nd decan – November 2 – November 11

Emotionally, you will be out of your days on the first day of the month with the full moon in Aquarius. Some dilemma it will put a strain on your nerves, so it should be a day when you process your emotional world and have patience with yourself.

Financially, there are lucky strikes on the way in August! Good month for financial transactions. It can also result in disproportionate tastes and spending. On the other hand, living in the middle of nature will be a good way to pass the time.

From the first week, if you have children, you will realize that they are in a phase shift, with new challenges. If there are no children, you can see the same thing in a relationship, a new phase with new elements unfolding. In any case, it will be a period rich in relationships, with substance and content, not superficial, as you wish.

The new moon of the 16th, under the sign of Leo, has everything to be formidably creative. A cycle of intense expression will begin and with challenges inherent in this expression: how to learn to reconcile different values, with humility in the relationship to the world.

3rd decan – November 12 – November 21

Get ready for the revolution in your life. Over the next two years, your relationships will bring this challenge of new and sometimes opposing ideas., bringing to the surface unconscious forces that you will have to face in favor of your renewal. It will also be an intuitive phase and in a way genius. Emotionally, the best way to approach certain people in your life will be to be aware of your needs and know how to express them, respecting your instincts, but knowing how to be flexible in order to receive from these people the good they have. for you. On the other hand, new friendships will bring a wind of change that I needed for a long time.

The new moon on the 16th, in the sign of Leo, will bring an intense cycle to your intimate life. old fears tend to surface and interfere with your relationships. It will be good to have space for yourself, to process your emotional world, and also a friendly shoulder to give objectivity and listening. Above all, remember that true love is for you, and you have to care about yourself and you have to protect and love.

Financially, your life is changing. Its structure invites questioning and inventiveness.


Photograph: bastien

1st decan – February 18 – February 29

It is a month of many exchanges, many details and much needed attention to detail and conversations. one is present need many negotiationsto find common ground in the various issues of your life, whether they are in love, whether they are professional.

It continues to be a phase of many responsibility on the shoulders and a certain pressure but also the possibility of great achievements in the world, if it is the case of applying and having discipline.

The last full moon of the year, right in your sign and decan, will bring you a new chapter in the complexity of your relationships. A new structure, a new way of being in the world with a new status, A new start.

2nd decan – March 1 – March 10

The beginning of the month will have a energetic tone, combative and competitive. On the one hand, the professional life will be intense, with a lot of mental stimulation and high demands, on the other hand there will be relationships who will be extremely demanding with their behavior, demanding an impossible perfection from themselves. You will have to impose certain limits. In balance, the transits in question have everything to bring periods of carrying out demanding tasks with success and mastery.

Financiallythe stars point to a good period, with open prospects and a certain optimism. Professionallywait for important decisions in the second week of the month.

The second fortnight has everything to be more favorable, with signs of greater relaxation and rest. In love, it is a phase of working on the relationship, of adapting to the needs of the other, for the good of both.

3rd decan – March 11 – March 19

In the domain of love life there seem to be adjustments to be made. Listening to their needs, but also considering a sense of humility that basically we all deserve the same look. The New Moon in Leo on the 16th will bring someone on your radar who looks like someone who is very mental and intelligent, but also with a tendency to complicate. Appearance has everything to express itself in the opposite direction, that is to find yourself seeing yourself as very demanding and picky.

The third week of the month will be given to important and decisive conversations, particularly in professional matters. There will be times of disillusionment with human beings, where he will reflect on the expectations he places on others. The astrological moment will also result in the existence of big dreams in question and therefore big achievements.

Overall this is a period of good times in contact with nature and in the company of good friends. On the material level, you have everything to feel good.

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