C&A brings the “shopping pants” meme to life and makes the product go viral on social media

Marketing director of the brand, Mariana Moraes tells the details of the product that has conquered the public in recent weeks

Anyone who likes to follow memes on social media has undoubtedly heard of “shopping pants”, the name given by the Looney Tunes character to the model of pants wide legwhich features wide legs and was a hit in the 1980s and 1990s.

Betting on more licensed products and keeping an eye on internet trends, C&A brought “shopping pants” to life in June, winning over an audience that embraced and engaged the idea on the networks. In addition to the pants, the new collection also includes a belt and a printed t-shirt.

Where did the idea come from?

Mariana Moraes, Marketing Director at C&A, says she believed the collection would bring identification with her consumer who experiences and interacts with the meme. “All entertainment industry topics that generate emotional connections with its fanbase are accepted and sought after in our age stores,” he explained.

For this, the products have been strategically developed using elements of the story they contain. C&A decided to change the name of the trouser model on the label, which would traditionally be “wide legfor “mall pants”, in addition to other personalized accessories such as embroidery referring to Daffy Duck’s speech.

“In store, the collection was highlighted in the retail space for people to see and identify with the novelty. And the strategy proved to be assertive, because not only did the content go viral on the networks, but was also a commercial success. wide leg jeans, shirt and belt – sold out on the website and in physical stores,” Mariana said.

The impact on networks

Although they expect the products to be sales hits in stores, they have even gone viral via organic social media posts. “The first viral on the subject came from a consultant in my C&A relationship program, Letícia Cardoso (@achadossdalele). The influencer spontaneously went to a store and, when she came across the focal point of products related to the ‘pants shopping’ meme, identified a content opportunity for its channels, including on TikTok, which went viral within hours and generated additional content for the topic,” the marketing director of the company recalled. brand.

Very quickly, C&A quickly followed the viralization of the content and promoted it on the brand’s proprietary social networks, which generated even more visibility on digital channels.

The strength of licensed products

Marina pointed out that C&A views licensees as a very strong part of its relationship with its consumers. “Over the past three years, even with the pandemic, the brand has increased its product offering by 20%. In 2023 alone, it has already sold over 300 licensed brands and characters in apparel, footwear and accessories. “, he added.

For her, growth and success happen because licensed products are always aligned with the fashion attributes of the brand, a key point for a product to grab attention and stand out in our stores. “C&A works on a platform of self-expression and the licensing universe has this position too. Our customers find at C&A a complete assortment of characters, series, games and films so that they can express and live their tastes at everyday,” he said. .

Mariana concluded by saying that social networks are important channels for the relationship and exchange of C&A with its client and, being attentive to the culture and the fun topics that are happening on digital, helps the label to identify opportunities that become a hit, as was the case with the Daffy Duck character video.

“Channels like Instagram and TikTok are also a kind of storefront, where consumers can access brand news and then make purchases in e-commerce or physical stores,” he concluded.

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