Contactless is the new form of automatic payment on Metro

There is a new method of payment for using the Lisbon metro, using contactless technology, either by mobile phone or with a compatible VISA card.

This payment method is available from June 28, 2023, and can be executed directly in the accesses/gateways for the validation of transport tickets.

contactless payments in the lisbon metro

How it works?

the new system caters mainly to occasional travelers of this accessible means of transport via a simple debit card with Contactless, or via smartphone and connected watch also compatible with this technology.

Simply access the validation channels of any of the Lisbon metro stations and hold the card, mobile phone or watch next to the contactless reader, where the usual readers of normal tickets and Navegante passes were.

this system does not require any preloading, being that the value of each trip will be automatically deducted from your bank account (€1.65 per trip). At the exit, the procedure is identical, you just have to pass your card or mobile phone through these readers again.

For Vitor Domingues dos Santos,

This is a method of payment for titles that does not involve cash transactions, no wasted time buying the ticket or reloading the Viva Viagem card. With this new functionality, which will be implemented gradually, Metropolitano de Lisboa contributes to the improved mobility in the Lisbon metropolitan area and for decarbonisation and environmental sustainability, since by making fully electronic payments it is also possible to drastically reduce the use of paper.

The benefits of contactless

In addition to allowing better mobility and, of course, environmental sustainability, this payment method is also very safe, efficient and fast, simplify the sale of travel compared to more traditional means, such as traditional counters or vending machines, avoiding, in this case, the already recurring queues.

Another advantage for occasional passengers is that the price of each trip is only €1.65, against €2.10, which included not only the journey but also the additional 50 cents for the ticket.

contactless payments in the lisbon metro

The most frequently asked questions

Where can it be used?
Throughout the Lisbon metro network, composed of 56 posts and 700 validation gates.

Can everyone use it?
It will primarily serve the interests of who occasionally takes the metro, but anyone can use it, provided they have a bank card with Contactless technology.

Can I use Apple Pay or Google Pay via a smartphone or smartwatch?
Yes, as long as it was activated on the basis of a VISA, VPAY, Europay and Mastercard card. But if you use one of these devices, makes sure that you have battery until the validation of the exit, otherwise, you may be considered a passenger without a ticket, incurring the penalties established by law.

Can I make this payment to several people?
No. Each passenger must have their own card.

What if an inspector shows up?
If you are asked, you must show your bank card so that he can see if your trip has been paid for.

How can I get proof of payment?
All transactions will then appear on your bank statement with the description “Metropolitano de Lisboa EPE/ Valor/ Data”.

Will I have any additional charges?
The value of each trip is invoiced at the end of each trip, and You only pay for the journeys made.

Other questions can be clarified by the Lisbon Metro Service Center, by phone 21 350 01 15 or by email

contactless payments in the lisbon metro

Lisbon joins, finally, to more than 100 European cities that already have this technology, making the use of this important means of urban transport simpler and faster.

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