Meet the first nine winners of the National Innovation Award – Business Initiatives

The first edition of the National Innovation Award had 104 entries, divided into nine categories. The Personality Prize was awarded to António Portela, CEO of Bial.

The National Innovation Award (PNI) award ceremony took place at the Hub Creativo do Beato, in Lisbon. The award is divided into two categories – one related to the size of the organization (large enterprises, SMEs and public administration) and another related to the technologies used (artificial intelligence and machine learning, workplace transformation, cloud space, cybersecurity , technological sustainability and Web 3.0 project).

The National Innovation Prize is an initiative of Jornal de Negócios, BPI and Claranet, in partnership with Nova SBE and Cotec Portugal, which aims to boost the culture of innovation and reward the best talents and entrepreneurial projects in both categories that make up the award.

All submitted applications have been analyzed and validated by Nova SBE, PNI’s knowledge partner. This was followed by an analysis and a vote by the jury for each category, which decided on the following winners (see photo gallery).


Artificial intelligence and machine learning: PDE
As the distribution network manager, E-Redes (EDP group) has the duty to guarantee the maintenance of the power lines. To support this activity, the “Analytics4Vegetation” solution, supported by Artificial Intelligence, predicts the potential for vegetation growth near the aerial network, with the aim of making vegetation management automated, proactive and preventive.

Workplace Transformation: Worten
Worten has developed the myWorten application, designed to support all of the company’s internal communication. It is an essential tool for sustaining a Worten ecosystem based on innovation, agility and collaboration, which seeks to continuously bring more value to the various parties involved.

Cybersecurity: Ethiack
The technology develops an autonomous platform capable of identifying vulnerabilities in exposed digital infrastructures, instantly, continuously and with an accuracy of more than 99%. The platform will combine automatic and manual ethical hacking with AI to test WebApps, APIs and internal networks.

Sustainable technology: EDP
The energy company has developed a solar park in Alqueva using cork-filled floats, which help reduce the CO2 footprint of manufacturing by around 30% compared to conventional floats – the ambition is that this type of platform will become CO2 footprint neutral. With this project, the largest in Europe in a dam reservoir, the emission of approximately 2800 tCO2/year is avoided.

Web 3.0: Zome
In 2022, this real estate agency was responsible for the first public act in crypto-assets and the launch of the first portal for buying and selling properties in cryptocurrencies, Cryptohouses.


Innovation in SMEs: Egitron
This technology develops equipment and software in the field of quality control and product inspection to automate the processes of data acquisition, control and management.

Big Business Innovation: The Navigator Company
With the “From Fossil to Forest” concept, The Navigator Company has launched a new line of sustainable cellulosic packaging products, an alternative to fossil, gKRAFT. Navigator’s R&D activity generated three patents in 2022.

Innovation in a public company or public administration: Cascais City Council
The Municipality of Cascais stands out for the development of an integrated innovation ecosystem, characterized by processes of experimentation and innovation, which seek to involve local government, public entities and NGOs, universities and companies , always with the citizen as the central point.

The PNI Jury

The jury for the Technology category is made up of Afonso Eça, Executive Director of CEINN de BPI, António Gameiro Marques, Director General of the National Security Office, António Miguel Ferreira, President and CEO of Claranet Portugal, Carlos Oliveira, Executive President by José Neves, Cristina Fonseca, general partner of Indico Capital Partners, Joana Mendonça, professor at IST – University of Lisbon and Marta Palmeiro, co-founder and financial director of

The Business Segment category has a jury made up of Alexandre Ruas, Executive Director of Operations at Claranet Portugal, Ana Casaca, Director of Innovation at Galp, Ana Dias, CFO of Cofina, António Coutinho, CEO of EDP Inovação, Francisco Barbeira , director of BPI , Gil Azevedo, executive director of Start-up Lisboa and Jorge Portugal, general manager of Cotec Portugal.

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