MotoGP 2023 – Miguel Oliveira’s reaction to the Dutch GP

miguel olivera

The main race MotoGP Sunday’s Dutch Grand Prix had 26 laps to complete. Unfortunately for Miguel Oliveira, today’s race ended much earlier, and at a time when Portuguese CryptoData RNF Aprilia rider was in excellent position to pick up plenty of personal points in the 2023 season.

However, and without expecting anything, Miguel Oliveira saw his race performance negatively affected, due to a technical problem on his Aprilia RS-GP 22, a problem that even led him to retire.

At first, and still with the race in progress in its final phase, the CryptoData RNF Aprilia team published the information that the retirement was due to “problems with the bike”, with the structure led by Razlan Razali , who had renewed hopes of seeing Miguel Oliveira manage to score in Assen as he confessed before the start of the race, without specifying what kind of problems forced him to retire.

miguel oliveraHowever, and after the end of the Dutch Grand Prix, in the interview area of ​​the Assen circuit, Miguel Oliveira agreed to speak to SportTV, reacting for the first time to what happened this Sunday during from the Dutch round:

“Without wanting to go overboard, yes, it was basically bike issues. After a good start and a few good first laps, it’s a shame to have to abandon the Grand Prix. The point of the situation is this. We had a good weekend growing up, I managed to qualify in Q2, I managed to stay two or three tenths behind the factory guys, but today in the race it was really difficult . Today in the race I managed to start a little better than yesterday, recover a few positions, close to the top 5, but quickly yes, I found this problem which I prefer not to comment on too much, and which forced to give up”started by mentioning the Portuguese driver.

When asked to go into detail, Miguel Oliveira further revealed that “The question of the problem with the bike was a bit related to safety, not having brakes, it was quite difficult for me to continue the race with this unpredictability of having a brake and then not having it. caused by something else, but anyway…”.

miguel oliveraOf course, even in the midst of this problem that ended the weekend with a negative result, Miguel Oliveira still manages to find a way to see something positive:

“Of course, for me to do these three races was already a victory for me. It’s difficult for me to be here in the physically limited championship, and to want to walk here as if I have nothing. is the reality, but it also served to continue working with the team, to introduce ourselves, to know how we communicate, how we can communicate better. I am not leaving here with the result I wanted or the work what we could have done, but we have these five weeks of break to pull ourselves together, recalibrate everything a bit and return to Silvertsone “.

And if on a technical level today’s retirement problem was somehow explained, the Portuguese rider also focuses on his physical condition, which, as he himself calls it , does not allow him to be 100% in a championship as demanding as that of MotoGP. .

It will then be on his recovery that Miguel Oliveira will focus his efforts on this summer break:

“Yes, the pain is constant. In the few laps I did today I noticed that the shoulder responded well, it’s true that I do a lot of compensation with my right arm, but that’s how I got used to it to ride in recent races. These five weeks will be essential so that I can regain my physical form, and that’s all, recalibrate myself psychologically too and be able to come back without thinking about my shoulder.concluded Miguel Oliveira in his analysis and reaction to the Dutch Grand Prix and already a preview of what his summer break will look like.

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