New Details on Like a Dragon Gaiden’s Story, Characters, and More

Like a Dragon Gaiden


SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have released new information and screenshots about the story, characters and organizations of Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Blotted His Name.


What must you sacrifice to protect those you love? A former legend of the yakuza world, Kazuma Kiryu fakes his death to protect his loved ones.

Having become an agent of the Daidoji faction and given the code name “Joryu”, Kiryu pursues an illegal gold smuggling site in the port of Yokohama. It was supposed to be an easy task; nothing more than loose change for the organization. When he arrives, he finds several dozen Daidoji agents waiting. Despite achieving the rank of President of the Tojo Clan, Kiryu has maintained a relatively low profile among his peers here. Unable to resist the provocation, he ends up violently unleashing which only widens the hole inside him.

However, at this exact moment, a mysterious group appears. The case went wrong. No stranger should know that. And amid the chaos and confusion, the shadowy group seems to recognize Kiryu. They must not be allowed to blend into the shadows.

Despite having severed all ties with his past, Kazuma Kiryu once again finds himself in the maelstrom of the underworld…

Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like a Dragon Gaiden


Like a Dragon Gaiden

Kazuma Kiryu

“This fight is just my way of killing time, as well as the rest of my life.”

A legendary former yakuza who erased his past and his name. A legendary former yakuza who made a pact with the Daidoji faction and let go of his past. Once famous as the Dragon of Dojima, Kiryu rose to the position of President of the Tojo Clan. He also ran the Morning Glory Orphanage in Okinawa for a time. However, all traces of his past life have been buried and he expects it to be so. Forever isolated from his children at the orphanage, Kiryu fills the aimless void with missions from the Daidoji faction.

Like a Dragon Gaiden

Kosei Shishido

“If you want to defeat me, you will have to kill me first. There are no rules in a deathmatch! The Watase family ace in the hole.

The Watase family is the most powerful group in the Omi Alliance and is led by Masaru Watase, who is the next to become the alliance’s president.

A skilled lieutenant within the family, Shishido wields deadly weapons with no regard for the lives of his victims. He commands authority through terror and intimidation.

Like a Dragon Gaiden

Yuki Tsuruno

“There is no point in making a fool of yourself. I just do the job – no questions asked! A yakuza sworn to the Watase family.

Tsuruno is a Captain of the Watase Family and its second highest ranking member. A bold and meticulous planner, he leads the group in the absence of his boss with loyalty and tenacity. He prepared a mountain of traps to trap Kiryu.

Like a Dragon Gaiden


“The truth is that you are nothing alone.” A figure from the shadows who knows the ins and outs of Sotenbori.

Akame is a handyman in Sotenbori, Osaka. She knows the underbelly of the city deeply through her Akame network, which extends to every corner of the city. She also acts as an intermediary for a particular person, guiding her to her destination.

Like a Dragon Gaiden

Homare Nishitani III

“That’s not your real name, is it?” … Aren’t you supposed to be dead? “. Third patriarch of the Kijin Clan, a direct affiliate of the Omi Alliance.

Nishitani is a young yakuza who quickly rose through the ranks and became the head of the Kijin clan. Their dashing gazes betray the madness swirling below. He loves nothing more than putting his life on the line in a fight to the death. Within the Omi Alliance, Nishitani is a hugely influential figure on par with Watase.

Like a Dragon Gaiden

Kihei Hanawa

“Your next job has just arrived. Codenamed Joryu, of course. Leader of the Daidoji faction.

As the manager of the Daidoji faction, Hanawa is the only point of contact between Kazuma Kiryu and the outside world. His interactions with Kiryu are strictly businesslike and lack warmth. He does not hesitate to reprimand the legendary yakuza.


Like a Dragon Gaiden

omi covenant

Japan’s largest yakuza organization based in Osaka. With their old enemy, the Tojo Clan, weakened, the Omi Alliance is poised to rule all of Japan.

Like a Dragon Gaiden

daidoji faction

A group with deep ties to politics and industry, who secretly inherited the wealth and authority of the late “Showa-era Fixer”, Minoru Daidoji.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Blotted His Name will launch on November 9 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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