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Skates, beer and chocolate. Margot Robbie’s Secrets to Getting a Barbie Body

The actress brings the world’s most famous doll to life in Greta Gerwig’s new film, which hits theaters this Thursday, July 20.

The wait is over. This Thursday, July 20, the long-awaited film by Greta Gerwig, “Barbie” arrives in Portuguese cinemas. A The barbiecore trend has gained new momentum and pink is making a comeback. Another phenomenon of the film that leaves no one indifferent, the performance of Margot Robbie, who embodies the doll herself.

“Barbie” triumphs in its effort to subvert expectations from the opening scenes. What the trailers already predicted is confirmed: the doll and her companions live in a plastic world that masks various forms of existential terror.

Margot Robbie is 33 years old and plays the stereotypical Barbie, the version of the doll we all know: blond, petite, slim, impeccably dressed. In short, perfect. To achieve this enviable image, the actress went through a preparation process that involved rollerblading, lots of fun times, fries and waffles.

In the first shared images of the film, which left curiosity hovering, we see Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, with a colorful sporty look. Barbie appears in a printed swimsuit in shades of pink – of course – and yellow and with neon biker shorts underneath, in true ’80s style. Ken follows the vibe with a matching outfit. But it’s in the feet that the secret of the excellent physical shape of the actress lies: both wear inline skates.

Like the character, Margot Robbie enjoys rollerblading on the quieter streets of Los Angeles. angels. And that’s just one of their ways of playing sports in a fun way. The actress fell in love with training wheels while filming “I Tonya” and played an ice skater, and even did an interview on roller skates.

The sporty look of Barbie and Ken.

Alongside this more radical accessory, the protagonist of “Barbie” is a fan of traditional Pilates and equipment. “I started training when I moved to Los Angeles [em 2013] and I feel so much better after a good stretch,” Robbie told “Mens Health.”

Later, when he filmed “Esquadrão Suicida” in 2015, he discovered that boxing training and fighting was a more fun modality that he didn’t mind practicing. But lifting weights is not for the actress. “When I’m not preparing for a role, I prefer to do exercises that I really enjoy, like dance lessons or playing tennis with friends.”

The character of your formation

Margot Robbie has been forced into pretty intense workout routines throughout her career. When she starred in “I, Tonya”, she prepared her body in a skating rink. In the gym, he mainly worked his legs and abs to gain greater stability when launching himself into the air in some of the risky skating stunts. For the specific role, I trained five times a week for four hours.

Then, to bring Harley Quinn to life in “Suicide Squad”, in addition to boxing, she focused on exercises for the buttocks and legs. The result was visible in the character’s mini shorts. Andie Hecker was the actress’ trainer at the time and explained that the workouts he designed were mostly strength training focused on “building and lifting the buttocks”.

“Margot was a real soldier. It was very rewarding to see her body transform into exactly what she wanted it to be, in such a short time,” the personal trainer told “People.”

Fries, beer and chocolate, the actress’ favorite trio

After a training session, Robbie always needs to eat. If you go in the morning, choose to train on an empty stomach and then have a hearty breakfast. When she was interviewed by “Vogue”, she asked for a toast to the lawyer.

The kitchen is not for the actress. “In our group of friends in LA and London, all the guys love to cook and are great at it. None of the girls cook. We love to drink and we’re good at it. As I approach the kitchen, I set it all on fire. I’m not even kidding,” he told Vogue.

The inability to cook does not mean that you are neglecting food, on the contrary. To maintain the enviable figure that everyone recognizes her, Margot Robbie follows a strict diet, but without restriction. By the way, the actress does not consider this to be a diet, but a balanced lifestyle.

He eats hamburgers when he feels like it, drinks beer and never refuses a glass of wine. “I’m not good at moderation,” she told Emirates Woman of her eating lifestyle. “If I don’t eat, I stay unfortunate. It is impossible to eat a salad every day and half a glass of wine every other day. I can not do it.”

Robbie likes to eat whatever he can, but he avoids certain things like saturated fats and sugary drinks, especially when preparing for a role. However, when you really need to get in shape, you go for a high protein diet i.e. chicken, tuna, lots of veggies and a few green smoothies, but there are times when you go to extremes.

“I don’t have an amazing diet. I love beer, fries, burgers, but if I have to wear a bikini, I eat carrot sticks for three days. I am one extreme or the other. Chocolate, waffles and crisps are the main foods that make up my diet.

While it’s not a dieting example to follow, there is one healthy habit that the actress nurtures religiously: drinking water. Margot Robbie drinks about two to three liters of water a day because she knows that hydration is essential for healthy, glowing skin and makeup doesn’t work miracles, even though it sometimes seems like it.

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