The entities of the Mais Nutrição program receive food collected by PC-CE and Secult

May 11, 2023 – 3:05 pm
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The entities benefiting from the Mais Nutrição program receive, this Thursday (10), food donated by collection campaigns carried out by the Civil Police of Ceará (PC-CE) and the State Secretariat for Culture. In an effort to strengthen the pact against hunger in Ceará, the Civil Police (PC-CE) donated 207 kilos of powdered milk – equivalent to 600 packets of food – to the programme. Secult delivered 6.6 tons of food.

The powdered milk was collected during the street race organized in allusion to the 215th anniversary of the institution, which took place on April 21.

Present at the handover, the First Lady of the State, Lia de Freitas, stressed that Mais Nutrição has been very important in the mission to fight and eradicate hunger in Ceará. “This movement of collecting food at cultural facilities and through State Secretariats is a way to strengthen this network that works together to bring food to the tables of the most vulnerable people in Ceará. The fight against hunger is a priority for this direction, so much so that in the Ceará without hunger program we will work on three fronts: distribution of a food card, creation of a network of social meal production units ( USPR) and distribution of food products. foodstuffs, hygiene and cleaning, among others”, underlined Lia de Freitas.

The Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS), Samuel Elânio, pointed out that the partnership between the secretariats shows that the eradication of hunger is a work group in which the government of Ceará is fully committed. “These donations show the government’s commitment to the people of Ceará, and we, who make the SSPDS, want to strengthen our commitment so that together we can fight hunger in Ceará”, reiterated Samuel Elânio.

*The Civil Police donated 207 kilos of milk to the beneficiary entities of Mais Nutrição. The proceeds were collected during a street race, which marked the institution’s 215th anniversary. For the general delegate of the PC-CE, Márcio Gutierrez, the adoption has a great significance. “I would like to record the happiness of being here to represent the Civil Police at this very important moment. This is the second time that the Civil Police has participated with donations to the Mais Nutrição program. The first time we sent a load of fruits. It was then that we encountered the program that marked us so much. This time we deliver the food that we managed to collect during the celebrations of the 215th anniversary of the Civil Police. It is very rewarding to be able to contribute to such an important project for our society”, he concluded.

In addition to milk, more than 6.6 tons of non-perishable food were donated today, which were collected during the “Ticket Solidaire” campaign, led by the Secretariat for Culture, the Secretariat for Social Protection and the Military Firefighters of the State of Ceará, through the Civil Defense Coordination of the State of Ceará. The objective of the action is to collect and donate food during cultural events of the Public Network of Cultural Equipment of Ceará (Rece), carried out in partnership with the SPS and the National Civil Defense Coordination of Ceará .

Present at the event, the Secretary of Culture of the State, Luisa Cela, underlined that culture has come to ally itself with the SPS and the Civil Defense for a Ceará without hunger. “The solidarity ticket campaign is extremely important for us who are at the head of Secult, in the sense that, through art and culture, we bring food to the homes that need it most and contribute to the food security of our State”, reiterated Luisa Cela , who collected six tons of food through the solidarity ticket campaign, which is an action of collection and donation of food during cultural events of the public network of cultural equipment of Ceará.

“Those who are hungry are in a hurry,” recalled the head of the Social Protection Secretariat (SPS), Onélia Santana, during the symbolic delivery of food. “SPS has increasingly expanded food donations through Mais Nutrição, and with the support of the Secretariat of Culture and the Civil Police, we bring food to the plates of more than 29,000 people served by the 134 accredited entities with Mais Nutrição Programme”, underlined the secretary.

think well

Operational coordinator of the Thinking for Good Institute, Leandro Silva works in the neighborhood of Vila Velha, in the Inferninho Community. “Today’s action is very important because we will allocate this food exclusively to the 12 families of the favela do inferninho who live in extreme poverty. These foods will guarantee their nourishment for the next few weeks and it warms our hearts,” says Leandro, who serves a total of 560 families through the Thinking for Good Institute.

Claudiane Paiva is a representative of the Children’s Philanthropic Hospital (SOPAI). “SOPAI cares for and welcomes children and young people, from 0 to 17 years old, through the SUS and our work is only possible because we receive donations like this, which allow us to offer six meals per day to our patients and their companions. Currently we have 449 beds at SOPAI and in order to provide humanized and dignified care, we have relied on the donations of Mais Nutrição, which have made a total difference in the life of every child and adolescent who today needs the SOPAI services”, added Claudiane Païva.

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