The former leader’s accounts have been investigated; Sect in Portugal

BOh Day! It’s time to get to know the main highlights of the national press this Thursday, July 13. We start with morning mailwhich reveals that the accounts of the former Secretary of State for Defense are the subject of “investigations” for suspicion of “corruption”.

On the other hand, the Log reports that “the PSD advisers have received 200,000 euros from the Parliament”. The same media also mentions that “Medina reduces hospital hiring requests”.

O Audience notes that “housing rents recorded the strongest increase in June since 2014” and that Diario de Notícias reports an interview with the president of the Association for Transparency and Civic Integrity, Nuno Cunha Rolo, who considers: “There is clearly a double financing of the parties”.

Thursday is magazine day. A Vision focuses on the “Kingdom of the Pineal: the sect that wants to form a sovereign state in Portugal” and the SATURDAY tells the “saga of the Family that revolutionized Portugal”.

Find below the main highlights of the national press, in particular sports, and in the gallery above the respective covers:


– “Ferreira Pinto Basto. The saga of the family that revolutionized Portugal”

– “Exclusive. Association files 53 price speculation complaints against Pingo Doce”

– “Susana Torres. ‘Coach’ says in the sessions that he went to the room of Ronaldo and the children”


– “Reino do Pineal: The sect that wants to form a sovereign state in Portugal”

– “David Card, Nobel Laureate in Economics: ‘Working from home is bad for workers’ bargaining power'”

– “BES/Angola: The testimonies that reveal how the bank went bankrupt”

– “Car guide: will trams be cheaper?”

morning mail

– “‘Perfect Storm’ catches Captain Ferreira. Former leader’s stories investigated”

– “Suspicions of corruption in the Defense”

– “Rio advisers paid with public money”

– “Market. João happy with the words of Rui Costa”

– “Benfica-Soutampton (2-0). Neres shines and Kokçu promises”

– “FC Porto. Dragão Navarro already scores”

– “Sportsman. Lion Gyokères approved”

– “Missing child. Emile’s mother feels the presence of the devil”

– “Investigation. The Portuguese have reduced their holidays”

– “Super Bock Super Rock. 20 thousand a day back to Meco”

– “Milan Kundera (1929-2023). The author of ‘The unbearable lightness of being’ has died”


– “Housing rents recorded the largest increase since 2014 in June”

– “Milan Kundera (1929-2023): The most European of novelists”

– “Poverty in Madeira: ‘They have a job, a house, children in the crèche and they lack money to feed themselves'”

– “‘Manuel Pizarro does not have the political strength we expected to win” [Entrevista a Adalberto Campos Ferreira]”

– “Meco: Veteran Super Bock Super Rock returns home”

– “Joining NATO: Even without an invitation, Zelensky moderates criticism from allies”

– “Justice: the deputy suspects the PSD of having used a ploy to reduce responsibilities”


– “Medina cuts in hospital hiring requests”

– “PSD advisers received 200,000 euros from parliament”

– “A prison guard helped an Afurada drug dealer out of his cell to threaten a prosecution witness”

– “Póvoa do Varzim: the tax authorities only respond by appointment, as in the pandemic”

– “Schools: digital evidence leads the government to hire IT professionals”

– “Asylum: the majority give up after asking for shelter”

– “Milan Kundera, 1929-2023: The unbearable weight of death at age 94”

Diario de Notícias

– “‘There is clearly a double financing of the parties’: [presidente da Associação Cívica Transparência e Integridade]”

– “Scooters. The campaign calls for compliance with traffic rules”

– “Research: with a suspended book, Boaventura de Sousa Santos gives an interview and guarantees: ‘I have been a feminist all my life'”

– “CPI at TAP: Day of voting on the proposals and recommendations that the Government will receive from the opposition”

– “Defence: the Minister requests the audit of IdD Portugal Defense accounts”

– “Health: ‘Disinvestment in the SNS’ is in sight in Santa Maria, says the Observatory against obstetrical violence”

– “Employment: There are more than 88,200 immigrant workers in Portuguese lands, since 2017”

– “Lisbon: the Chamber guarantees that ‘the city will not stop’ at World Youth Day”

– “Football: Benfica enters pre-season with victory and rocked by Neres”

– “Milan Kundera (1929-2023): The writer who carried the burden of Europe”


– “Great interview, Durão Barroso: ‘The political role has not been respected'”

– “The Cresap says that there is a lack of candidates with ‘merit'”

– “Jayme da Costa opens a new war between Visabeira and Mutares”

– “Services make inflation harder to fight”

– “EDP Brasil is ready to leave the stock market”

The game

– “FC Porto-Académica (4-0). Fair winds from Spain. Fran Navarro, scorer and decisive passer, blows hard in the first try of the dragons”

– “FC Porto. Alan Varela is an asset to the midfield”

– “Benfica-Southampton (2-0). Kokçu takes over”

– “Braga-Torreense (4-0). The Warriors are already accelerating”

– “Sporting. Gyokères will be official today”

– “Fafe-V. Guimarães (0-2). Victory with Silvas setting the tone”


– “Southampton-Benfica (0-2). Neres came back with everything. He scored the first goal and destroyed the English defence”

– “Sporting. Pot attack. Aston Villa and Inter admit reaching 45 million”

– “FC Porto. Alan Varela’s proposal. Dragão offers 8 MEuro for 90%”

– “FC Porto. In the 4-0 against Académica. Fran Navarro already scores”

The ball

– “Benfica-Southampton (2-0). A great match. 24 hours after the suspension match, Neres responds with a brilliant performance”

– “FC Porto. Otávio with a spinning head”

– “Sporting. ‘It’s not true that José Ángel is injured!’

– “Sporting. Gyokeres presented today”

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