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The hottest short skirt in these sales is at Zara for less than €20

The piece that was an obsession in the 90s is making a comeback. This time with a fun pattern that never goes out of style.

The polka dot pattern can be associated with the eccentric looks of Cruella DeVil or the eternal glamor of stars like Elizabeth Taylor. Full of dots (literally), with big or small balls, it’s a print that can’t be considered a real trend. After all, it never went out of style.

This print appeared in the middle of the 19th century, when textile technology finally succeeded in creating evenly spaced balls, which was revolutionary at the time. However, it only started to become popular in the 1920s, when native Norma Smallwood won the Miss America pageant in 1926, where she paraded in a bathing suit with this design.

Currently, there are many variations of this fabric, which has become an essential part of the women’s wardrobe, in the creations of fast fashion brands like Zara. This time, in a piece that has ended up being forgotten by the fashion world: the skort, better known as the short skirt. Yes, one of the biggest obsessions of the 90s is back, to the delight of women who love practical pieces.

The proposal of the Spanish clothing brand has everything to become one of the most coveted of the season. Incidentally, this particular model was part of the Spanish label’s last summer collections and the result is the same every year: it always sells out. If you want to have one of these short skirts, the best thing to do is run to the nearest store. The proposal we told you about is 30% off – and flying off the shelves. And we understand: no one can resist a high waist, with ruffles and polka dots. From the side, the zip goes unnoticed thanks to the seams.

It’s an all in one.

We bet that in the months to come, skirts that turn out to be shorts or vice versa will prove that they can be much more than a piece once associated with a girl’s wardrobe. The comfort, elegance and femininity of these models are, after all, characteristics sought by all women.

They are very versatile pieces that can be used in countless settings and occasions. And Zara’s option, black with white balls, or white with black balls, further underlines this advantage of the proposal.

The tight waist has a slimming effect, but still allows the body to move freely. It is made of a fluid fabric that guarantees freshness and adapts to all curves. It goes without saying that the proposal has that balance that many are looking for: it’s fun – thanks to the pattern and the hem with a wide frill – comfortable and elegant. A kind of all-in-one, perfect both for everyday use and for a more festive occasion, it all depends on how you combine it. If you opt for a strappy top and white sneakers, for example, you will achieve a casual look. On the other hand, if you wear a blouse in an equally light material and high-heeled sandals, you are ready for a night out.

The part costs €22.95, but with a 30% discount you can buy it for €15.99. It is available on the Zara website, in sizes XS and XL. All you have to do is choose the background version with a black, white or both background.

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It costs €29.99 at H&M.

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