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As the well-known saying goes, “we are what we eat”. If there’s one thing every human being does every day, or at least should, it’s eat. We learned from our parents and at school that the more colorful the dish, the better. Having a healthy diet is as important as providing alternatives or access to those without food and those with restrictions due to allergies or incompatibilities.

In order to better orient themselves on how to have an adequate diet or even carry out a food re-education, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly have more frequently contacted a nutritionist, a professional recommended in consultation, which has increased demand for offices and clinics. . This indicates that the market for nutritionists is hot and worth investing in training.

With the aim of providing the best professionals in the region to the job market, the Centro Universitário Ateneu offers a degree in nutrition, which provides the student with an infrastructure of equipped laboratories, master’s and doctoral professors with an entrepreneurial vision and updated with the reality of the job and full support for the career of the future nutritionist from the first semesters of the course.

Throughout their training, UniAteneu Nutrition students experience different practices in the laboratories of Anatomy, Microscopy, Microbiology and Immunology, Biochemistry and Bromatology, Physiotherapy, Sensory Analysis and Nutrition and Dietetics. In addition to the activities in the laboratories, the students carry out nutritional care at the Ateneu Integrated Health Center (Cisa), under the supervision of preceptors.

From the 6th semester, students begin to work in supervised internships, which can be carried out in public and private hospitals, restaurants and other public companies and institutions, with strict monitoring throughout the internship phase . At this stage of training, they complete an internship in the areas of Social Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Administration Unit, and Clinical and Hospital Nutrition.

UniAteneu Nutrition students also experience practices related to the issue of food and nutritional security throughout their degree, with the aim of acquiring a social conscience to be applied in the exercise of the profession, which makes the difference in Training. Students experience activities in areas such as alternative cuisine and the fight against malnutrition, in social actions.

During the training, the professors encourage the students to take part in events, to present academic work, to register for selections of internships, encourage them to write projects for applications for scientific initiation grants and encourage them to join monitoring programs and contribute to social responsibility actions. In addition, they are invited to join the Academic League for Nutrition Assistance (Liaan).

“I always try to get involved in all events and practices because I know it’s important for my personal and professional growth. I am part of Liaan and the leaders are always keen to promote social actions for the community and engage students. I know that I will be a more human and more qualified professional thanks to these out-of-class experiences as well, and thanks to the internships,” says Janaiane Nobre, student in the Nutrition course at UniAteneu.

“The performance of the nutritionist is very important nowadays, because we can help a sick population in the prevention and humanized treatment of diseases, propose a change towards a healthy lifestyle and act in industrialized food production policies, For example, all this can be found in the Nutrition course at UniAteneu, which follows market trends and offers several advantages to the student”, reports Raquel Pereira, student of the Nutrition course at UniAteneu.

According to prof. Dr. Kamila Oliveira, professor of the course, the graduation offered by the Centro Universitário Ateneu presents a complete curricular matrix that provides practical and theoretical knowledge in the most diverse areas of nutrition, making it a differential. “In addition, several extension activities are carried out inside and outside the academic environment, which creates opportunities for students to put into practice what is learned in class”, underlines the teacher and nutritionist.

“Together with our teachers, who are highly qualified, we work for better student improvement. We offer more and more solid training, combining theory and practice, so that our students leave prepared for the job market, ”guaranteed Prof. Mauvais. Gerusa Matias, coordinator of the Nutrition course at UniAteneu.


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