What does a nutritionist do and how much do they earn?

The profession of nutritionist goes far beyond the prescription of diets

The profession of nutritionist goes far beyond the prescription of diets

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Nutrition is a hot area in the market as people are more aware of the importance of good nutrition for health and well-being.

This has led to a greater demand for qualified professionals who can help guide the population on adequate and healthy food consumption.

What does a nutritionist do?

The nutritionist is the nutrition specialist who assesses the patient’s diet, taking into account factors such as age, weight, height, medical history and lifestyle habits, to establish a personalized diet plan.

The main idea is to ensure that the nutritional needs of the patient are met and that he is able to achieve his goals, such as losing weight, increasing muscle mass or controlling chronic diseases.

Plus, a nutritionist can teach you the right way to eat, let you know what nutrients your body needs, what type of food to choose, and how high-quality nutrition leads to a better lifestyle and better overall health. .

It should be noted that this health professional is also able to recognize and help with the treatment of eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder.

How much does a nutritionist earn?

Many people are interested in the field of nutrition, but do not know how much a nutritionist in Brazil earns. According to Catho, an online recruitment platform, the average salary for the profession in the country is R$2,447.20.

However, this value can vary greatly depending on the specialization of the professional, the type of activity (clinical, sports, school, etc.) and his way of working (PJ, CLT or freelance).

A nutritionist with consolidated career responsibilities 200 BRL to 450 BRL per consultationwhich makes the monthly income easily exceed R$10,000.

In which fields can a nutritionist act?

The nutritionist can work in several sectors, such as hospitals, clinics, gyms, collective meal companies, among others. Each sector of activity has its particularities, challenges and opportunities, as well as specific remuneration.

See some possibilities:

Clinical Nutrition

The clinical nutritionist sees each patient individually, assesses their health, eating habits and lifestyle.

It tailors diets to individual needs and desires, in addition to providing advice on how to improve nutrition and monitor general health.

He can work in hospitals, clinics, practices, provide home care or offer remote consultations.

How much does a Clinical Nutritionist make?

The average salary according to Catho is R$2,400.56.

Collective feeding

This area of ​​nutrition focuses on the health of groups of people who eat in places such as restaurants, cafeterias, and industrial kitchens.

The nutritionist plans the menu, oversees food preparation and handling, controls inventory and suppliers, and stores samples for analysis.

The nutritionist also follows and enforces the health rules relating to the storage and handling of food. In addition, he may inspect places that offer food to the public to verify the quality of services.

How much does a collective nutritionist earn?

The average salary according to Catho is R$2,447.20.

sports nutrition

Sports nutrition aims to help athletes and active people perform better and recover faster after training.

The sports nutritionist can create personalized fitness plans and provide guidance throughout the process.

As a rule, they offer private consultations or work in gyms and clubs.

How much does a sports nutritionist earn?

The average salary according to Catho is R$2,022.12.

commercial nutritionist

A commercial nutritionist promotes, markets and sells nutritional products, highlighting their benefits and unique features.

She also trains nutrition professionals on product use and benefits, conducts technical tours, prepares performance reports, and attends nutrition-related trade shows and conventions. In addition, he develops strategies for promoting products in the market.

How much does a professional nutritionist earn?

The average salary according to Catho is R$ 2,311.86

production nutritionist

This type of nutritionist is responsible for planning the menu, preparing the shopping list, and overseeing meal production.

In addition, he takes care of the physical facilities, trains the employees and establishes the standard operating procedures (SOP) and the manual of good practices. It is also its role to ensure food quality through control methods.

How much does a production nutritionist earn?

The average salary according to Catho is R$2,281.93

What is the salary of a newly trained nutritionist?

Now you have an idea of ​​how much an expert nutritionist makes, but what about beginners?

The remuneration of a newly trained nutritionist can vary depending on the place of work and the region in which he works.

According to Glassdoor, the lowest salary for this profession in Brazil is 1,800 BRL per month.

Do you have to know how to cook to work as a nutritionist?

Even if you can’t cook, you can still be a nutritionist. However, having culinary knowledge will give you an edge and help you better guide meal preparation and develop nutritional plans for your customers.

What training is required by the market?

To become a nutritionist, you must:

  • Earn a four-year degree in nutrition;
  • Do internships in different areas of nutrition to gain practical experience;
  • Obtain registration with your state’s Regional Board of Nutritionists to work legally.

It is also worth taking postgraduate courses and specializations in areas of interest to deepen knowledge and skills, as well as seeking continuing education to keep abreast of news and advances in the field of nutrition.

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